Mailing our Christmas Card

Since the husband was my husband, we’ve been doing Christmas cards. And while it started out as an accident, our first Christmas card we used a picture that seems to depict our first year. Since then, we’ve made a point to create a picture each year. We’ve had a lot of fun coming up with different themes and pictures each year, although it is a bit of pressure….

When it comes to printing our Christmas cards, over the years I’ve used a variety of business – from a small family-owned business, to Shutterfly and Tiny Prints, to Minted – who I used this year. The thing to love about Minted is that they will address the cards for you – free of charge. Plus they partner with all kinds of artists on the designs of their cards (and more). AND, in case you haven’t created a card yet but want too, holiday cards and New Years card are just as fun to get in the mail.

This year, we put Breck into a costume we bought for Ajax a few cards ago (when we did a Naughty or Nice theme – and yes, we did TWO cards but only sent one to a family). As they normally do, they drove their tractor to the mail box to send out our Christmas cards. I couldn’t resist taking photos because OM DO YOU SEE MY KIDDOS?!!

Plus, there is a photo here that shows just how mischievous my little elves really are…

  • Oh my gosh! Your cards are so stinkin’ cute, and so was your delivery system! haha! Love it!

  • These turned out SOOO cute! And your little delivery elves are THE BEST!

  • How fun! I love that mailing Christmas cards can double as such a fun activity. I’ll have to log this idea away for future use!

  • I love how you guys dressed up like presents! It’s such a unique idea. Your boys are the cutest!