I’m Abi – the main one running this space here. But please believe that my husband is not just a massive supporter, but he takes 95% of my photos. Bless him.

I am a mama of two boys, never ever caught up on laundry, and have lists upon lists of things that need to get done. Mainly because I love a good list. Since I’m married to a man who works for Uncle Sam, I’ve lived in four states and two countries since saying “I do” and have learned that while I love the adventure that comes with a move, that actual day-to-day grit of dealing with replanting and reconnecting is hard on my heart; I will be forever learning.

The Tombo Co. (a little play off my last name) seeks to be a place where the stories, photos, posts and advice found here will encourage you to seek out the adventure in your life, fill your table with good food and drinks, surround yourself with family, and friends that basically are family, while encouraging an everyday, casual style…that can hold up to a little dirt. Because toddlers throw things; at least mine do.

Make sure to say hi.